February 18, 2012

Face the Network

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written here. Busy, I guess. Isn’t that how we all are? Free time is hard to find, and what we have, we give to Facebook.

I won’t repeat all the research statistics here, but wow, this is getting crazy. Facebook’s IPO, scheduled for spring, should raise ten BILLION dollars.

I’m glad all this “wasted” time on Facebook is paying off for someone! So what does this mean for us as a society? I personally love it. I think all the hand wringing is ridiculous. We’ve evolved. Evolution is not always pleasing to everyone at every step. Often it is two steps forward, one step back, but you’re still further along than you were when you started. I’ve been able to connect with old friends that I never had a chance to keep in touch with in other ways. Had it not been for social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, we wouldn’t have had that opportunity. Is it the same as personal networking face-to-face? Nope, but it can certainly lead to more of that.

Yes, I still do yell at my kids for spending time on the computer when they should be looking for a job or playing outside with their friends (do kids still play outside?) But still, I can’t deny its appeal. Yes, I still get annoyed with people who share too much on their statuses, but sometimes it’s good for a laugh.

So what would I do with that extra time if I didn’t have social network sites to take my time? My Christmas lights would probably be put away; perhaps the carpet would have been vacuumed a few days ago. But I might have missed reconnecting with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in 12 years.  I would have been harder to learn about the job opening when my colleague changed positions.

I like being connected. No different than the other half billion people who seem to as well.

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